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Why We Make Mistakes

by- Joseph Hallinan


Why We Make Mistakes discusses the types of mistakes we make and the reasons behind them. With a wide emphasis that includes biology, psychology, and economics, the book offers compelling reasons for our sometimes faulty memory, failure to remember basic details, and the many prejudices that influence our decision-making without our knowledge.Why We Make Mistakes is about the kinds of mistakes we commonly make, and the reasons behind them. With a broad focus encompassing neuroscience, psychology and economics, the book provides convincing explanations for our often fallible perception, our inability to recall simple data and the many biases that direct our decision making without us being aware.

Joseph Hallinan is a journalist and author who has written for the Wall Street Journal and won a Pulitzer Prize for his investigative work. In addition to Why We Make Mistakes, Hallinan is the author of the award-winning Going Up the River: Travels in Prison Nation and the most recent Kidding Ourselves: The Hidden Powers of Self-Deception.
  • Anyone interested in learning about the pathways that lead to human error
  • Anyone who has ever wondered why they never make out errors in their own jobs
  • Anyone who has ever wondered why they can't seem to recall names, PINs, or their own password