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Why I Am A Hindu

by- Shashi Tharoor


Why I am a Hindu (2018) is a meditation on religion and national identity from the view point of an Indian political leader, Shashi Tharoor. Written with an eye to the emergence of Hindu fundamentalism, it unfolds the four thousand-year-old history of his religion and claims that the Hindutva movement today perverts an ancient legacy of tolerance and diversity. Tharoor concludes that, if Indians want their nation to succeed, they must reject the chauvinism of the ruling party and accept the great cultural heritage.

An Indian MP, author, and ex-diplomat, Shashi Tharoor has represented the Thiruvananthapuram district in Kerala since 2009, as a member of the Indian National Congress party. His previous books include Riot (2001) and An Era of Darkness (2017), a study of British misrule in India during the colonial period.


  • Students of politics and history
  • Everyone who is intrigued by one of the largest religions in the world
  • Multiculturalism and tolerance champions