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Two Nations Indivisible

by- Shannon K. O'Neil


Two Nations Indivisible (2013) is a book about the United States' relationship with its southern neighbour, Mexico. These slates describe the deep ties that exist between the two nations as well as the misunderstandings that keep them apart, with a focus on political and economic interactions.

Shannon K. O'Neil is a senior fellow for Latin America Studies at the Council on International Relations, a nonpartisan think tank and membership organisation on foreign affairs. Her areas of interest and experience include Latin American politics and economics, as well as immigration. She is the CFR's director of the US-Mexico Initiative. O'Neil is also the author of the blogs Latin America's Moment and Latintelligence.

• Policymakers wanting to learn more about the US-Mexico relationship
• Educators and students interested in international politics
• Americans and Mexicans who wish to better understand one another