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This Will Be My Undoing

by- Morgan Jerkins


This Will Be My Undoing (2018) looks into the author's experiences growing up as a black woman in modern-day America. The book examines race, culture, and feminism to illustrate why and how black women have been disadvantaged and gives solutions on how to address this problematic condition.

Morgan Jerkins is a writer and editor from the United States who was born in 1992. Her debut collection of nonfiction essays, This Will Be My Undoing (2018), was a New York Times bestseller. Wandering in Strange Lands, her second book will be released in August 2020. Jerkins is a senior editor at Zora, a Medium journal created by and for women of color.

• Those concerned about the marginalization of black women
• Students of feminist studies
• Those interested in contemporary black culture in the United States