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The Worst Business Model in the World

by- Danny Schuman


The Worst Business Model in the World (2018) looks at a business model that appears to be a nightmare on paper but operates in the real world like a fantasy. Traditionalists would argue it is anarchical, but as the go-getters know, there's nothing wrong with a little creative chaos, particularly if it's making you do more of what you love.

Danny Schuman is a writer and marketer who began his career as a self-starting businessman, after discovering that he wanted to spend more time creatively and less time-fighting bureaucracy. In 2009, he founded Twist, a start-up marketing consultancy. Nearly a decade later, the business remains solid. Schuman talks about his insights into startups, incubators and co-working spaces at workshops.

  • Entrepreneurs or people who want to be one
  • Enthusiasts of start-ups
  • Those who work as freelancers