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The Wisdom of Psychopaths

by- Kevin Dutton


Not all psychopaths are housed in maximum-security prisons or mental institutions. Many of them live right beside us, in the thick of civilization. Indeed, psychopathic tendencies may be seen in a large proportion of extremely successful political and financial leaders. The book The Wisdom of Psychopaths looks at why they are so successful, what distinguishes them from psychopathic criminals, and what we can all learn from them.

Kevin Dutton is a British psychologist and author who specializes in psychopathy research. He is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford's Department of Experimental Psychology and a member of the Oxford Centre for Emotions and Affective Neuroscience (OCEAN), and he says, "I divide my time between lab-based research and popular writing."

• Those who have an interest in psychology, criminology, or popular science in general
• People interested in learning what we can learn from psychopaths and which of their characteristics may be beneficial in our professional life