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The Shock Doctrine

by- Naomi Klein


The Shock Doctrine (2008) delves into the shadowy world of disaster capitalism, in which disasters are used to undo trade controls and national safeguards that prohibit multinational megacorporations from completely exploiting poorer countries. Since it was first taken seriously in the 1970s, economic shock treatment has left a legacy of blood and devastation, based on the results of the CIA-sponsored "MKUltra" psychological torture experiments.

Naomi Klein is a bestselling author and political activist who has won the Warwick Prize for Writing and the National Business Book Award. She contributed to a variety of film productions, including The Take and The Corporation, in addition to writing the critically acclaimed nonfiction works The Shock Doctrine and No Logo.
  • Anybody with an interest in economics
  • Anyone who is involved in international affairs
  • Anyone with a passion for history