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The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

by- Deepak Chopra


The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success (2007) is about the cosmic powers that will take you to the ideal career, improved prosperity and well-being, good relationships, and, most notably, the desire to appreciate what you have right now. Discover the seven fundamental rules of achievement and tap into the universe's limitless energies and abundance!

Deepak Chopra is a staunch supporter of spiritual principles and alternative medicine in the Western world. He studied medicine in India before relocating to the United States, where he now focuses on meditation and Ayurvedic medicine. Among his many other books are Creating Affluence and Power, Freedom and Grace.
  • Professionals in business who seek to achieve greater results with less efforts
  • Spiritual seekers looking for clear ethical guidelines
  • People who are dissatisfied with their current jobs and are searching for their true calling