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In The Rebel Rules, Chip Conley examines the success tales of corporate rebels. Conley deciphers the evident oxymoron of the rebel capitalist, who symbolizes two obvious opposites — business savvy and unwillingness to play by the rules. He claims that business rebels, or those who speak with their inner passions and dare to apply their vision and instinct, are not only more successful in business, but also considerably happier in general.

Conley graduated from Long Beach Polytechnic High School's PACE program. Stanford University awarded him a BA in 1982 and an MBA in 1984. Saybrook University has awarded him an honorary doctorate. Conley created Joie de Vivre Hospitality in 1987, where he served as CEO for over 24 years, building and managing roughly 50 boutique hotels. He sold his firm to Geolo Capital in 2010. The Epiphany in Palo Alto was his most recent hotel concept for the firm. Conley is still a private owner of several hotel assets and no longer works for the firm.

• Those who wish to tap into their inner rebel
• Entrepreneurs
• Leaders who aim to foster an innovative culture among their workers