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The Optimism Bias (2011) explains the fascinating and amusing ways in which our rose-colored glasses impact our perception of the world, and why this is a positive thing. Though these slates will not allow you to remove your rosy spectacles, they will provide you with some insight into why you wear them and how you might utilize them to your advantage.

Tali Sharot is a cognitive neuroscience professor at University College London's Department of Experimental Psychology. Sharot began her education at Tel Aviv University, where she earned a B.A. in economics in 1999 and an M.A. in psychology from New York University in 2002. New York University awarded her a Ph.D. in psychology and neuroscience. Sharot is well-known for her studies on the brain basis of emotion, decision-making, and optimism. She seeks to gain a deeper understanding of these processes to improve general well-being.

• Supporters of psychology
• People who are perplexed as to why their plans never seem to come to fruition
• Individuals who think that humans act rationally