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The New Strategic Selling

by- Robert B. Miller, Tad Tuleja, Stephen E. Heiman, J.W. Marriott


New Strategic Selling (1995) teaches you how to close sales in the most positive and productive method possible for both you and your buyer. Long-term sales success is all on creating connections, pleasing clients, and understanding the important aspects that affect the transaction, and these slates can help you get started.

"Robert B. Miller has worked as a consultant and salesperson for several Fortune 500 businesses, including Ford and General Motors. Stephen E Heiman has over 30 years of experience in sales development. He co-founded Miller Heiman, Inc. with partner Robert B Miller in 1978. Tad Tuleja is a Miller Heiman Inc. staff writer who has co-written five MHI publications, including the original Strategic Selling (published by Kogan Page). J.W. Marriott III is the author of Marriott's Way: The Spirit to Serve. "

• Those who work in sales
• People who wish to improve their ability to form long-term business partnerships