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The Machine That Changed the World

by- James P. Womack, Daniel T. Jones & Daniel Roos


The book The Machine That Changed the World (1990) reveals the approach known as lean production, which drove Japanese car manufacturer Toyota to the forefront of the global automobile industry. These slates provide an insight into the industry's early beginnings and demonstrate how Toyota's revolutionary approach enabled the business to dominate the market.

"James P. Womack founded the Lean Enterprise Institute, a nonprofit management resource organization that advocates lean manufacturing standards. Daniel T. Jones founded the Lean Enterprise Academy and collaborated on numerous publications with Womack. Daniel Roos was the founding director of the International Motor Vehicle Program (IMVP) and the Engineering Systems Division at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. When this book was released in 1990, all three were IMVP researchers."

• Those who are curious about manufacturing, engineering, or management
• Employees and managers from the automobile industry