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The Innovator Hypothesis

by- Michael Schrage


The Innovator's Hypothesis (2014) demonstrates how modern invention does not emerge from large, expensive, time-consuming research and development departments. The invention process is different these days. Big ideas emerge from commercial experiments carried out swiftly and cheaply by small teams. It's time to jump on board and figure out how your company can prepare for the future before it's too late!

Michael Schrage is a research fellow at the Sloan School of Management's Center for Digital Business and a visiting fellow at Imperial College's 'Innovation and Entrepreneurship' program in London. He is also the author of many publications, including Shared Minds and Serious Play, texts on the importance of collaborative tools and technology in enabling invention.

• Entrepreneurs trying to think outside the box
• Futurists who want to know how the next big idea will arise
• Innovators interested in lean and agile creative systems