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The Happiness Industry

by- William Davies


What makes you happy, giggle, or want to skip down the street?
Professional psychologists, neuroscientists, marketers, economists, and your employer are all very much interested in that. Why is this so? So that they can ensure you're a productive employee who spends a lot on buying stuff! The Happiness Industry (2015) delves at how our happiness is researched, measured, and profited from, often without our knowledge or consent.

"William Davies is a senior lecturer and the head of the Political Economy Research Centre at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is also the author of The Neoliberal Limits. His work has appeared in New Left Review, Prospect, the Financial Times, and Open Democracy, among other publications. The New York Times featured his website,"

• Anyone interested in the significance of happiness in modern society
• Readers who are curious about how happiness works in the human brain
• People who are concerned about escalating internet intrusions of privacy