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The Evolution of Money

by- "David Orrell & Roman Chlupatý


The Evolution of Money (2016) is an in-depth look at the evolution of money in civilized society, ranging from shells and coins to the digital ones and zeroes of an online bank account. Learn how monetary systems have historically functioned similarly to religion in that without faith and conviction, they would collapse and find out what the future may hold.

"David Orrell is a Canadian novelist who holds a doctorate in mathematics from Oxford University. His work has appeared in a number of economic magazines, and he is the author of numerous books, including Truth or Beauty: Science and The Quest for Order. Roman Chlupatý is an economics and politics-focused journalist and consultant. He is also the author of OUR EARTH: Fourteen Interviews About Things That Are Changing Our World."

• Politics and economics students
• Entrepreneurs
• Anyone interested in the 2007 financial crisis