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The Burning Question

by- Duncan Clark & Mike Berners-Lee


The Burning Question addresses the most important issue of our generation: climate change. The book addresses why dramatic reforms in our politics, economies, and culture are necessary, as well as what we must do to ensure a prosperous future for ourselves and our grandchildren. The authors not only clarify how we've failed so far, but they also point to the root of the problem.

Duncan Clark is a climate change expert journalist and writer. He is a consulting editor at The Guardian's environment desk and co-runs Kiln, a business that develops innovative ways to tell environmental stories and disseminate facts about environmental issues. Mike Berners-Lee is the director of Small World Consulting and a leading specialist on carbon footprinting. He also wrote How Bad Are Bananas – The Carbon Footprint of Everything.
  • Anyone interested in climate change research
  • Anyone interested in learning how they can contribute to the prevention of climate change.
  • Anyone who is involved in how business can stymie development