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The Bitcoin Standard

by- Saifedean Ammous


The Bitcoin Standard (2018) tells the tale of finance, from the earliest rock currencies to the Victorians' love affair with gold to today's latest kid on the block – digital cryptocurrency. Saifedean Ammous, an economist who thinks we ought to rediscover the lost values of sound money, believes Bitcoin may be the future. It, like gold reserves of the past, has special properties that make it suitable for use as a means of trade that cannot be exploited by inept regimes. That's wonderful news if we want to restore our economies to prosperity and development and end the boom-bust era.

Saifedean Ammous, a former member of Columbia University's Center on Capitalism and Society, is an economist at Lebanon's Adnan Kassar School of Business.
  • Those who are interested in the origins of money
  • Economists and business enthusiasts
  • Anyone with a long-term perspective on money