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The Art of Public Speaking

by- Dale Carnegie & J.B. Esenwein


The Art of Public Speaking (1915) is now one of the most popular and widely read books on how to give successful public speeches. For more than a century, its approachable vocabulary and applicable tips have transformed would-be orators into master orators.

Dale Carnegie, an American writer and lecturer, was a master in public speaking. He devoted his life to bettering the lives and skills of his countless readers and listeners. Other books he has written include How to Win Friends and Influence People and How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job. J.B. Esenwein was a writer and scholar from the United States. He was a reporter for many US magazines and a professor of English at Pennsylvania Military College.
  • Those who like to be public speakers
  • People who have had stage fright
  • Anyone attempting to gain more clout