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The Anatomy of Peace

by- The Arbinger Institute


The Anatomy of Peace (2006) discusses an unpleasant fact: how often people turn to violence as a means of settling conflicts at home, at work, and in the world at large. Learn the triggers behind this mentality and how we can go on in a more positive manner. There is no basis to believe that things must remain as they are. We should all take the course of reconciliation with a little knowledge.

The Arbinger Institute, established in 1979 by scholars, is committed to promoting a message of peace through books, trainings, and other ways. The Institute has over 300 employees, including coaches and team members working in eighteen foreign countries.
  • Professionals who are having problems with coworkers or clients
  • Readers who want less struggle and more happiness in their lives
  • Parents and instructors are keen to develop their dispute resolution skills