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The Age of Empathy

by- Frans de Waal


The Age of Empathy (2009) debunks common notions that claim human nature is essentially selfish, competitive, and violent. Evidence from biology, history, and science shows that collaboration, peace, and empathy are as natural and intrinsic to us as our less desirable attributes.

Frans de Waal is a well-known primatologist from the Netherlands. He is an Emory University professor and the author of several works, including Primates and Philosophers, Our Inner Ape, and Chimpanzee Politics. He was named one of Time magazine's 100 most important people in 2007.

• Anthropologists who are interested in human nature
• Fascinated sociologists, who are interested in our natural biological propensity to connect with others
• Students interested in the intersections of social science, politics, evolution, and biology