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The 5 Love Languages

by- Gary Chapman


The 5 Love Languages (2015) is a contemporary guide to developing long-lasting love relationships that can easily overcome the challenges that modern couples face. These slates describe the five different ways people give and receive love, as well as how any couple can strengthen their relationship by being more loving, affectionate, and compassionate by using this material.

A pastor, public speaker, marriage counselor and author, Gary Chapman has given speeches and given advice on marriage, family, and relationships both in the United States and abroad. He is a senior associate pastor at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and host of a nationally syndicated radio show.

  • Couples who want to get a better understanding of marriage and how to make it work for them
  • Couples that are having problems
  • People who want to meet their partner's needs while still taking care of their own