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by- Jake Knapp, Brad Kowitz & John Zeratsky


Sprint (2016) is a five-day approach for launching a firm that allows you to test fresh ideas and tackle tough business difficulties. These slates provide you with everything you need to swiftly move from a concept to a prototype and, ultimately, decide whether or not to launch.

"Jake Knapp is a Google Ventures partner and the developer of the Google Ventures sprint method, which he has used to assist over a hundred start-ups. John Zeratsky is a Google Ventures partner who specialises in design. He has written about it in prominent newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, Wired, and Time. Braden Kowitz is a Google Ventures partner who formed the Google Ventures design team in 2009."

• Entrepreneurs or project managers working under time constraints
• Those interested in the creative process that underpins great start-up achievements
• Whoever has a new idea, initiative, or opportunity who wants to get started straight away