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Sonic Boom

by- Joel Beckerman & Tyler Gray


Sonic Boom (2014) explores the various ways in which sounds pervade not just our surroundings but also our personal lives.
From your company's brand to your private space, sound can make us remember and even persuade us to spend. These slates demonstrate how to utilize the power of sound in your company and personal life.

"Joel Beckerman is a pioneer of sound and music and its transformational effect, deemed as “equal parts Philip Glass and Don Draper” by Details magazine. He is an award-winning composer, producer, and arranger, as well as the creator of Man Made Music, a sonic branding firm, and the author of The Sonic Boom: How Sound Changes the Way We Think, Feel, and Buy. Tyler Gray is a Fast Company Media editorial director and the author of The Hit Charade."

• Musicians who are intrigued with how sound impacts people's emotions
• Marketing professionals who want to take their company's brand to the next level
• Business owners who want to learn how to utilize music to inspire others