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Rich Dad, Poor Dad

by- Robert Kiyosaki


Rich Dad, Poor Dad (1997) combines autobiography with personal advice to outline the steps to becoming financially independent and wealthy. The author argues that what he teaches in this New York Times bestseller things we're never taught in society, and that what the upper-class passes on to its children is the necessary knowledge for getting (and staying) rich. He cites his highly successful career as an investor and his retirement at the early age of 47 as evidence in support of his claims.

With an estimated net worth of over $80 million, Robert Kiyosaki is an investor and entrepreneur. Over 26 published books, which have sold over 27 million copies worldwide, have been written under his Rich Dad brand.

  • Anyone looking to get out of the rat race
  • Anyone interested in learning how the rich get rich
  • Anyone wondering how to approach investing