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Rest (2016) seeks to explain the common misunderstanding that the more we work, the better we can get done. Written by a strategist from Silicon Valley whose office regimen of long hours took him to a dangerous burnout, this empirically based research turns the idea on its head. To meet your goals and achieve success is not to spend countless hours on your desk, but to find the right time to work, to get enough rest and to encourage your creativity.

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang is the founder of the Silicon Valley-based consulting company, Restful Company, which teaches organisations how to boost work-life balance, by means of talks and seminars. Pang is the author of The Distraction Addiction, and a visiting fellow at Stanford University. He has also contributed to Slate, Wired, Atlantic Monthly and Scientific American.

  • Anyone working at a startup
  • Creative people
  • Those who love to work