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Raven (1982) tells the untold story of Jim Jones and his Peoples Temple in Jonestown, the site of a mass murder that claimed the lives of 917 people on a fateful day in 1979. These slates include a closer look at Jones, revealing how he rose to power and why his supporters met such a tragic end.

Tim Reiterman is an award-winning journalist who covered Jonestown for the San Francisco Examiner for over a year. Before the Peoples Temple's mass suicide, he was present when a US Congressman, three reporters, and a defector from the party were killed. He also worked for the Los Angeles Times as a writer and editor during its award-winning coverage of the Los Angeles riots. He is a journalism professor at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

  • Individuals who are interested in mass psychology
  • True-crime fans
  • Cult aficionados