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Outsider in the White House

by- Bernie Sanders & Huck Gutman


Outsider in the White House (2015) tells the story of presidential contender and US Senator Bernie Sanders. Sanders has long been in the frontline of US left-wing activism, from marching for civil rights in the 1960s to fighting against big money in politics as a 2016 presidential candidate. This new edition of Bernie Sanders' autobiography, first published in 1997 as Outsider in the House, traces his lifelong quest for social justice and economic fairness.

"Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist politician from the United States. Sanders was a congressman after serving four years as mayor of Burlington, Vermont. He is now a senator and is running for President of the United States. Huck Gutman is an American academic and political advisor who teaches English at the University of Vermont."
  • Anyone involved in the 2016 US presidential election
  • Students in political science or political philosophy
  • Those who are searching for facts about a presidential contender in the United States