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One Summer (2013) is a book that tells the story of the summer of 1927, a pivotal three months of American history. The summer of 1927 marked the rise of the United States as a dominant force on the world stage, laying the groundwork for the 1930s Great Depression. One Summer examines a series of significant incidents from 1927, including Charles Lindbergh's famous flight across the Atlantic Ocean, Babe Ruth's record-breaking 60 home runs in a season, and the execution of Italian anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti.

Bill Bryson is the best-selling author of many books, including The Mother Tongue, Notes From a Small Island, and A Short History of Nearly Everything, which won the Aventis Prize in 2004.
  • Anyone interested in baseball, anarchism, or the Great Depression
  • Anyone interested in the origins of American hegemony
  • Anyone interested in the grim history behind the glitz of the Roaring Twenties