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Most Likely to Succeed

by- Tony Wagner and Ted Dintersmith


Most Likely to Succeed (2015) examines the present status of the United States' educational system and its inability to train the next generation of children for the age of innovation. These slates explain the history of education, why it's important to reinvent how we educate our children, and how we can do so.

Tony Wagner is an education expert who has taught English and served as a school principal for several years. He is the author of many books, including Creating Innovators and The Global Achievement Gap, and holds a doctorate from Harvard University's Graduate School of Education. Ted Dintersmith has a PhD in Engineering from Stanford University and is a specialist in innovation and technology. He is a key figure in the venture capital world, serving as a partner at the major venture company Charles River Ventures and as a director of the National Venture Capital Association.
  • Concerned parents who want their children to receive the necessary education
  • Politicians and educators at various levels of government
  • Entrepreneurs with an interest in education's potential