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Mission & Vision

RollingSlate Becomes the New Virtual Library for Book Lovers

Knowledge is best preserved through ages. RollingSlate takes this idea forward by the vision of becoming the largest virtual library for book lovers and wisdom seekers around the world by incorporating the best books written in widely spoken and regional languages into its database. Not everybody has access to public or college libraries. RollingSlate aims to provide readers with a virtual library, which can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Be it 2am in the night or a remote hill station, RollingSlate provides a platform to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Readers all over the world usually face three problems; unavailability of books in a language that they can comprehend, high book price and lack of time to read lengthy books. Due to these, short reads are becoming increasingly popular with youngsters and the reading culture is being limited to mainstream languages. RollingSlate addresses all these concerns in one single platform and providers its users with unlimited access to its free database of detailed summaries of 500+ books and counting, covering the best non-fiction books from around the world, at one place.

It is a great platform for students who can’t afford to pay for the high price of books and have to sacrifice reading a lot of books due to the lack of time. Students can always search for a book in libraries but can’t always make time to read it.

We, at RollingSlate, understand that writing is an emotional process and knowledge is a treasure. Hence, we ensure that the main message and essence of the book stays intact while a detailed chapter-wise summary is curated and presented to the readers. Thus, the wisdom of the book is spread across the masses while the emotions and essence behind it is not diluted.