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Little Bets

by- Peter Sims


Think again if you think you have little in common with comedian Chris Rock, late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, architect Frank Gehry, or the geniuses at Google or Pixar. Many of these business and entertainment stars gained success by "little bets" – an innovative, small-steps approach to thought that aids in the development of their goods, services, or art. Innovators who use little bets aren't afraid to do new things, take risks, and even lose. They don't start with a huge idea; they come up with it along the way. Author and entrepreneur Peter Sims discusses the secrets of small risks and how they can help you achieve your dreams in business, art, or whatever area you want in this bright fast-paced book.

Peter Sims is a well-known author and businessman. He co-founded Fuse Corps, an innovative collaborative venture, and co-wrote True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership.
  • Innovators
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Those who want to explore taking small risks