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Leonardo Da Vinci

by- Judith Rich Harris


Leonardo da Vinci (2017) is an enlightening and thoughtful biography of one of history's most famous figures. Isaacson researched existing biographies and histories of Leonardo's life, including the very earliest, from the sixteenth century, as well as Leonardo's extensive notes. Isaacson portrays the legendary Renaissance artist and engineer in a very human way. Though Leonardo was one of the few people in history who could really be considered a genius, he was just human, and there is much to be learnt from his inquisitiveness and attitude to life.

Judith Harris is an American psychologist, an accomplished researcher with a long list of publications in her name and has authored textbooks on developmental psychology. She has written the book No Two Alike.

  • Artists and creative people
  • Art and history buffs who love the Renaissance period
  • Readers who enjoy an uplifting life story