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Investing In People

by- Laura Jordan Bambach, Mark Earls, Daniele Fiandaca and Scott Morrison


Investing in People (2011) sheds light on human resources, a vital department in any successful business that is all too frequently undervalued and underappreciated. A smart personnel plan can improve a company's profitability while also improving employee happiness. The book outlines a four-step plan for strengthening your human resource strategies that is simple to follow.

Laura Jordan Bambach is a digital designer and co-founder at the British feminist firm SheSays.
Mark Earls is a distinguished writer and marketing specialist.
Daniele Fiandaca co-founded Utopia, a consultancy firm and leading authority to unlock companies' innovative potential.
Scott Morrison is a marketing expert with specialization in workflow and office atmosphere.

  • Human resource administrators and leaders Entrepreneurs who want to hire more people for their company
  • Employees who are looking for ways to change their workplace