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In Pursuit of Garlic

by- Liz Primeau


In Pursuit of Garlic (2012) peels back the thin, papery skin of the miraculous allium, revealing the inner realities of the allium whose sublime taste and restorative powers have made it a kitchen staple for millennia. This rich discovery of the “divinely odorous bulb” is jam-packed with delicious morsels for chefs, gardeners, and history buffs, with a deep dive into the plant's history, production, and culinary and medical uses.

Liz Primeau, the managing editor of Canadian Gardening magazine, is a proud garlic devotee and passionate gardener. She is the bestselling author of Front Yard Gardens and My Natural History, and she has lectured extensively on horticulture in North America.
  • Connoisseurs of garlic
  • Gardeners
  • Food historians