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Good to Great (2001) presents the results of the author and his research team's five-year analysis. The team shortlisted public corporations with lasting success after years of mediocre results and separated the factors that distinguished them from their competition. These factors were distilled into key paramenters relating to core leadership, culture and strategic management.

Collins has been a professor at the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and is a regular contributor to Fortune, BusinessWeek and Harvard Business Review. He sold more than 4 million copies of his former book Built to Last.
The author was encouraged to write Good to Great when an acquaintance pointed out that his previous book only explored how big corporations remain that way, not how they can become that way.

  • Those who are entrepreneurs, founders, managers and who would like to make their startup superb from the beginning
  • Everyone interested in what forms strong leadership, great corporate culture and great strategic planning
  • Executives, investors and managers seeking to elevate their company from mediocrity to greatness