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Get Momentum

by- Jodi and Jason W. Womack


Get Momentum (2016) walks you through basic but successful methods for achieving your personal and professional goals over time. These slates outline the keys to gaining and retaining motivation, from managing time in the short and long term to tracking success, changing your strategy, and celebrating small victories along the way.

Jodi and Jason W. Womack are a husband-and-wife team having 20 years of business consultancy experience through their company, The Jason Womack Company. Jason is a business leader and coach who focuses on time management, inspiration, and personal and professional growth. Jodi is the founder of the No More Nylons, a women's business network and an activist for women in business.
  • Professionals in their mid-career who aren't motivated to take on new challenges
  • Runners and hobbyists looking for ways to improve their skill development
  • Small business owners looking for simple productivity and planning methods