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Find Your WHY (2017) provides a true purpose, which is something that every individual and business seeks. Individuals and teams can use the tools and exercises provided by the authors to discover their strongest motivations and reasons for getting up in the morning and beginning the workday. This is a helpful guide whether you're looking for a career, trying to hire the right people, or just want to learn more about yourself and the people you live and work with.

David Mead, a corporate trainer, has been working with Simon Sinek since 2009. He now conducts well-attended seminars on organizational leadership and motivation. He has aided people on five continents and collaborated with a variety of organizations, including professional sports teams and governments. Peter Docker is a core member of the Start With WHY team and a former senior officer in the Royal Air Force. He now works as a sought-after business consultant. He was instrumental in turning Simon Sinek's ideas into a workable training manual.

  • Anyone looking for a sense of purpose and meaning.
  • Entrepreneurs who are just getting started with their companies
  • Team leaders who want to set big targets.