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Everything Connects

by- Faisal Hoque and Drake Baer


CEOs practicing meditation, organizational governance problems, social gaps between team members and customer satisfaction: it's all related. Everything Connects (2014) will help you turn the workplace environment into one that recognizes and embraces these connections and improves creativity and growth using a holistic approach.

Faisal Hoque is a businessman who founded MiND2MiND Exchange and B2B ForeSight. He has also contributed to The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, the Huffington Post and Forbes. He was also named as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in Technology” by Ziff-Davis Enterprise.
Drake Baer reports for Business Insider, covering leadership, strategy and organizational psychology.

  • Anyone struggling with their company to promote creativity
  • Anyone wanting to learn how the mindfulness of a leader is tied to consumer satisfaction
  • Anyone wishing to improve their company in the fast evolving business world of today