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Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes

by- Daniel L. Everett


Don't Sleep, There Are Snakes (2008) informs us about the Pirah, an Amazonian rainforest indigenous tribe that doesn't utilize numbers, have names for colors, or bother with small conversation. In addition, they laugh and grin more than most other civilizations. These slates describe what languages may teach us about the human experience and why we should not forget how many other cultures and languages exist throughout the world except our own.

Daniel Everett is a linguist and author from the United States who spent four decades living and working among the Pirah. In Massachusetts, he is the Dean of Arts and Sciences at Bentley University.

• Language aficionados who wish to expand their knowledge
• Those who believe that all languages are essentially the same
• People from all around the world seeking new ideas on various civilizations