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Destiny Disrupted

by- Tamim Ansary


History from an Islamic viewpoint is told by Destiny Disrupted (2009). It starts in the seventh century CE before the rise of Muhammad and Islam and ends with the fall of the Islamic empires in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Tamim Ansary presents the intriguing tales of great Muslim nations, scholars and leaders on this epic trip, a viewpoint on history that is sadly largely inaccessible to most Westerners.

Ansary is the author of the memoir West of Kabul, East of New York and co-author of The Other Side of the Sky. Besides publishing several essays and commentaries in the San Francisco Chronicle, Salon and Alternet, he has a monthly column on

  • Historians and religious students
  • Westerners who are curious about the Islamic view on world history
  • Readers who wish to understand more about the history and culture of Islam