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Crowds and Power

by- Elias Canetti


Crowds and Power (1960) is a troubling, prophetic, and scholarly examination of human groups and their interactions with power. It is written by Nobel laureate Elias Canetti and explores why people who value individuality search out membership in crowds and how rulers manipulate that interest. This research is as diverse in its origins as it is thought-provoking in its findings.

Elias Canetti (1905-1994) was an author, sociologist, memoirist, and playwright who wrote in German. Canetti, who was born in Bulgaria, moved to Austria with his family before escaping Nazi persecution and settling in England. His most well-known works include the books Auto-Da-Fè and The Human Province, as well as his memoir The Torch in My Ear and his sociological review Crowds and Power. Canetti was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1981 for his exceptional achievements as an author.
  • Readers of classics
  • Sociologists, historians, and philosophers
  • Anyone interested in the dynamics of crowds and power