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Creative Superpowers

by- Laura Jordan Bambach, Mark Earls, Daniele Fiandaca and Scott Morrison


Creative Superpowers (2018) is a one-stop guide to hacking your imagination and creativity, created by a high-flyercrack squad that have put into practice their own recommendations. This is the matchbox you've been waiting for, filled with helpful tips and timely observations, to ignite those latent creative flames.

Laura Jordan Bambach is a digital designer and co-founder at the British feminist firm SheSays.
Mark Earls is a distinguished writer and marketing specialist.
Daniele Fiandaca co-founded Utopia, a consultancy firm and leading authority to unlock companies' innovative potential.
Scott Morrison is a marketing expert with specialization in workflow and office atmosphere.

  • Experts in Marketing
  • Digital architects
  • Businesspeople