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Create Space (2018) is a compilation of Derek Draper's various tools and methodologies utilized as a coach for company executives all over the world. Draper has developed his skills as a practicing psychologist and sought-after consultant, and he is generous in sharing what he has learned and seen over the years. His essential ideas help you construct a balanced and successful career, whether you're a CEO, an intern, or somewhere in between.

Derek Draper is CDP Leadership Consultants' co-founder and CEO. He has counseled CEOs and high-ranking executives in some of the world's largest organizations as a business psychologist with over a decade of expertise treating clients all around the world. In London, where he lives with his wife and two children, he still conducts a modest psychotherapy practice.

• Managers and executives seeking to hone their leadership abilities
• Those interested in self-help and productivity
• People who seek to strengthen their interpersonal interactions