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Braving the Wilderness

by- Brené Brown


Braving The Wilderness (2017) questions traditional ideas of what it means to belong. It ties feelings of unbelonging to those of anger and unrest, in the United States as well as abroad. Brown uses a strong scientific analysis and storytelling mix to reveal what it means to belong. This includes amazing accounts of misery and pain that illustrate the length people can go to gain a sense of belonging.

Brene Brown is a research professor at University of Houston and she has been researching different emotions such as weakness, bravery, empathy and shame for more than 15 years. Her talk on TED, The Power of Vulnerability, has been given more than 30 million views worldwide, and she has authored four best-selling books, including Rising Strong and Daring Greatly.

  • Readers interested in courage, bravery, weakness and shame stories
  • Outsiders who feel a sense of unbelonging
  • Social Sciences students