Zombie Loyalists- A guide to form a unique customer base

Zombie Loyalists by Peter Shankman is a book that gives various examples to understand the psychology of clients that every business or company is looking for. He also adds insider tips from personal experience to capture the mind of the customers that will enlarge your business without even realising it because they genuinely believe in your services and products.

Do you want to have an edge over your competitor? Do you want your brand to be recognized as its niche? Or do you want to have a monopoly over the market? Don’t worry! All of the above-mentioned questions are possible and the answer is only word and simple as well. Customer service. Yes, you read it right! It is customer service that will provide you an edge over your competitors. You can also fulfil the biggest dream of every entrepreneur i.e. to have a monopoly in the market. Continue to read on to know more about customer service and how it can make you the king of your niche market.

Now that you have learned how to capture your niche market, it’s time to learn how to make your clients into loyal customers who will help you enlarge your business over time. These are the customers that every business is searching for, people who will do your public relations, marketing and advertising for free without asking anything in return. The term used to describe such customers in the book is Zombie Loyalists.

Little and genuine acts of kindness go a long way 

The key to win the heart of any human lies in going an extra mile to make that person feel special and loved. If a business is able to understand and fulfil this point, then it automatically gives them an edge over their competitor. Author Peter Shankman in Zombie Loyalists adds an example in the book to make this point clearer for the budding businesses. He mentions an example of a San Franciscan who used to purchase from the same bodega at all times. This stunned the author and he asked the reason for the same, to which the San Franciscan replied that she was wearing headphones one day while shopping when a man behind asked what she was listening to. When they came to know that she was listening to T.I, they would intentionally play You can have everything you want every time she came to the store.

This small act of kindness made her feel super special which inspired her to visit the same bodega every time.

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Capture your loyal customer base through social media 

The power of your business grows manifold if you know how to take advantage of social media. And here the author isn’t talking about the brand’s own social media but their zombie loyalist’s social media. Let’s understand this point in detail. When a customer visits your place, (a restaurant, shop) you can show them how much you appreciate their presence. You can extend a warm thank you or give them a souvenir to make their experience personal and unique. This personalised experience will encourage them to bring more friends from next time and share the experience on their social media. This type of advertisement is termed as word of mouth which is best of all types of advertisements.

Learning from a mistake is the best way to show that you have changed 

In Zombie Loyalists, the author Peter Shankman states that committing a mistake is human nature but learning from that mistake and change in behavior shows that you care and ensures that a person can trust you again. Similarly, if an organisation ever commits a mistake, it becomes easy for customers to forgive them if they rectify their mistake.

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The author explains this by giving an example of a Zombie loyalist Dennis who was a regular customer at O’ Hara’s. Once he reported the concerns and problems he was facing to the supervisor of the restaurant. But his problems were not taken into consideration because of which he stopped visiting the restaurant. A few months later, he received a message informing him that the changes had been made as per his needs. They invited him to come again. He visited O’ Hara again on their request. And to his amazement, the changes were made and the owner individually thanked him.

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