Use Your Memory – The secrets to cultivate a superb memory

Are you someone who forgets a thing a minute after it is said due to the low attention span? Or sometimes do you realise that you wasted your entire day by forgetting some basic stuff? If such is the case, then don’t worry because we have got you covered. We assure you that after reading the book summaries and audiobook summaries available on this topic, you will see a remarkable change in memory. The tactics mentioned in the book will help you retain and boost your memory and will also help you preserve knowledge for a longer period of time. 

The book Use Your Memory written by Tony Buzan comprises various mental exercises to jog your brain. The book places emphasis on the importance of mental exercises just like physical exercises. It will truly come in handy for all those people who want to have an excellent memory irrespective of their age.

Use Mnemonics to boost and brush up your memory skills 

Do a quick guesswork on the number of memories or thoughts that a human mind cultivates each day? The correct answer is billions and trillions. Yes, you read it right! Everybody must have experienced how thinking about one topic from the past leads to so many complementing memories. Sometimes memories from the same day start rushing in and sometimes from different days, months and years. It all depends on the patterns that we associate with different memories.

Unintentional patterns are formed mainly due to a particular scent, (that you liked or despise in that moment) sight or sound. These patterns awake when some memory related to these things triggers our brain. Now the question arises how do we still forget things even after the presence of such incredible storage space? The answer is we don’t work on managing these memories.

Thus, the author Tony Buzan has mentioned the use of Mnemonics popularly known as memory exercises to store and preserve memories. Mnemonics are techniques that assist the mind to revisit and preserve information. Mnemonics are crucial when you want to recall all forms of knowledge, even the lists and sequences of events. The aspect that makes mnemonics so efficient and unique is that it activates both the left and the right side of the brain thus unlocking the full potential of the memory.

It is also observed that if you learn to play an instrument along with practicing algebra, your musical and math, both skills develop at the same time saving both your time and energy.

Use peg memory schemes to remember important sequences

Are you tired of clicking the forgot password feature every time you login in a new device? If such is the case, then don’t worry because now you have a peg memory scheme to your rescue. Peg memory scheme is a system in which you can recall things in the correct order. It is further divided into two types: The number-shape system and the number-rhyme system.

You can check out the book summaries and audiobook summaries if you want to learn in detail about the peg memory schemes and how it assists in recalling memories and important sequences. You can find them very easily on various book summaries apps.

Custom your own memory room 

The book Use Your Memory talks about customising one’s own memory room to enhance brain functioning. A memory room is a box or room where you can store your memories of the lifetime. You construct pegs which consist of new knowledge and then you link this knowledge to imaginary objects. Now it totally depends on you how many pegs of knowledge and objects that you are willing to create.

After you have assigned each memory to its peg, now it is important to take a mind walk in order to recall and revisit all the information stored. Closely observe and take into consideration all the small details such as sight, smell, sound, colors.

Mind maps can also be used to remember important information 

Use Your Memory places emphasis on using mind maps as an important tool to recall memories. It’s uniqueness lies in the fact that it activates all the sides and zones of the brain. All you need to start building a mind map is a sheet of paper and basic writing and sketching skills. Start by thinking of the core thing that needs to be remembered and jot it down on the piece of paper. You can either draw or write it as per your convenience.

Now start writing or sketching other small memories around the main one. That is how this process of mind map works. You can try it for yourself and don’t forget to tell us how it worked for you in the comment section below.

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