The Psychology of selling – The strategies used by exceptional people

Have you ever entered a shop with a conviction that you will not purchase anything but ended up purchasing something? Every one including us (guilty as charged) have been lured by the sales person to buy something that we didn’t intend on buying in the first place. How is it possible? Let’s find out! 

The Psychology of selling will come in handy if you are someone who is looking to master the art of selling and winning over the customers. The author Brian Tracy has mentioned various tried and tested tips used by the expert sales people to understand the psychology of buyers in order to establish monopoly in the niche market.

Listed below are some tips and tricks to lure your customers:

  • Our subconscious mind plays an important role in attracting customers 

The subconscious mind plays a very important role in the life of a salesperson. Jotting down or making To-do lists are the perfect examples to fulfill objectives and to take advantage of one’s subconscious mind. By writing down and making a to-do list a person’s subconscious gets clarity that they have to start working on this agenda. It works just like a manifestation where you say out loud what you want to achieve and then leave it on the universe to work its magic.

Our subconscious mind doesn’t have a mind or opinion of its own. We know it might sound silly but read on to know why we said that. Our subconscious mind is very flexible, it believes in whatever we tell ourselves. (Good or bad) The process of speaking something is a signal we are sending our subconscious mind which when receives this signal starts working on it.

  • Work on your self-confidence to enhance your performance as a salesperson 

A salesperson is just like a public speaker. They must be extremely confident about themselves, in what they are speaking and the good/ service they are trying to sell. Their body language, voice, and expressions should all be in sync to convince customers into buying their products.

Now you must be thinking about how to work on your self-image and confidence. Don’t worry! The author has mentioned that too in The Psychology of selling. Use your subconscious mind in your favor.  Boost your self-confidence by chanting positive affirmations and attracting the vibes that will up your sales game.

  • Be a lifelong learner if you want to attract people 

It is vividly believed that a person becomes arrogant and useless the moment he/ she starts thinking that they know everything in this world. When the truth is nobody in this entire universe can never know everything. So to think that you are capable enough to learn everything is futile. But realising that you can still be a lifelong learner is the way to lead a successful life.

Try to read or listen to something new about your niche market every day. Set a target to complete a podcast, video or article during your commute or your free time to enrich your life. Learning new things each day not only introduces you to multiple different things but also encourages you to stay humble and positive. The reason being, you realise each day that there is so much to learn in the universe and you only understand a part of it.

You can also learn from the experiences of people around you. Spending time with the top executives and managers of your company and listening to their experiences and strategies they used to reach on top can act as a great learning experience.

  • Show the customers that you genuinely care about their choices and preferences 

According to a study conducted in Chicago university, it was revealed that a customer is lured by the strong emotional expectation that the commodity offers. Now it is the responsibility and the duty of a salesperson to convince them that their emotions hold value and they must not fear financial failure. In order to boost their confidence, a salesperson can even offer full money back guarantee, or other such incentives.

  • Ask questions and spread awareness about the utility of a product in a customer’s life 

Step into the shoes of your customers while selling a product. Would you like to purchase a product when you are told about the uniqueness of the product or would you purchase when you come to know about it’s utility in your life? We expect your answer to be the latter.

It is mentioned in The Psychology of Selling that identifying the changes made in a product or the unique characteristics are only secondary when it comes to purchasing a product. The priority is always its utility. Therefore, try to take advantage of this tip and ask intriguing questions to genuinely understand the psychology of your customers.

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