The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners – A sustainable way to induce weight loss

The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners is a self-help guide that will help you control and reduce weight. The author Amy Ramos explains in great detail the low carbohydrates and high fats diet (keto) and states its benefits. Continue to read on if you are someone who is thinking of experimenting with your diet to induce weight lose!

In order to delve into the depth of this low carbohydrate diet it is first important to understand the basics such as the reason behind weight gain. When the body is inactive for a longer period of time, the metabolism rate goes down which means a body needs more time to digest food. This leads to weight gain. The reason for inactivity is due to the current lifestyle (sitting in one place without any movement for a long time) and longer working hours. A recent study shows that a person should provide movement to the body after sitting in a place for sixty minutes at a stretch. Movement, any form of exercise and the right kind of diet prevents the metabolic rate from going down.

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What is a ketogenic diet? 

The ketogenic diet is not some new age concept. Rather it dates way back. In the 1920s, physicians and researchers suggested that a ketogenic diet is the future and the way to live a healthier lifestyle. The keto diet was used to cure epileptic seizures back then. Not just epletic seizures, some recent studies show that keto diet can be helpful to prevent and reduce diabetes, heart disease and chronic disease such as Alzheimer’s. In addition to weight loss, heart diseases and Alzeimer’s some studies reveal that a ketogenic diet has a strong potential to increase cognitive activity and can assist in lowering the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure.

The detailed process behind a ketogenic diet

Now let’s talk about the diet (keto) that prevents the metabolic rate from going down. The ketogenic diet puts your body in a metabolic process called ketosis. The consumption of healthy fats, proteins and elimination of high carbohydrates and high-sodium foods in a ketogenic diet induces weight lose. It is mentioned in The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners that during ketosis, stored fats and proteins are burnt off to manufacture ketones which in turn produce energy. This entire process assists the body to burn away fat and protein thus, easily reducing the weight.

But some people don’t follow a ketogenic diet because they think that keto means full carbohydrate elimination. And they believe that carbohydrates are a vital part of a diet as they act as natural energy providers. But it isn’t true. Your diet can still comprise 5 percent of carbohydrates or more depending on your body type. But in case you want to see a visible difference faster, it is imperative to keep the ketosis active which is only possible when a high amount of your calorie’s intake comes from healthy fats and proteins.

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Keep in mind the keto ratios before embarking on the ketogenic journey 

The high fat diet is solely based on the ratios of macronutrients present in the food you consume. These macronutrients include fat, protein and carbohydrates which become the most essential components of your diet.

The ratio of their consumption must vary between sixty five percent to seventy percent fat, twenty percent to twenty five percent protein and about five percent carbohydrates. You will observe some visible changes in your body if you take this ratio seriously and follow it religiously.

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Also another important thing mentioned in The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners

Is that everyone must remember before embarking on their keto diet journey is to normalise keto-flu. The process of ketosis might lead to keto flu which is absolutely normal. Consider it as a lifestyle change. Just like starting something new has both positive and negative impact, similarly keto-flu is just a normal reaction that people have as they transition into ketosis. The keto flu is actually appreciated because it acts as a confirmation that your body is reacting to ketosis. For better results and easy transition, drink lots of water and avoid high- carb cravings.

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