Talk like TED- Strategies to become a confident speaker

Talk like TED written by Carmine Gallo is a self-help guide to improve communication skills and public speaking. Someone who is keen on becoming an efficient communicator must delve into this book for some profound insights.

Talk like TED provides various well researched tactics used by the world-renowned TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) speakers. This book will come in handy because it is based on scientific analysis of various TED conversations and interviews. The author observed about five hundred TED Talks in order to be authentic and relevant about the information. He offers many golden nuggets of information that will help the readers have more impact in society. 

The author Carmine Gallo focuses on developing extraordinary presentation skills to market oneself as a great communicator. The author mentions an example of the book The Art of Living written by Dale Carnegie in the year 1915 to put an emphasis on the importance of standing out. The book written by Dale Carnegie contains secrets that will help their readers stand out in the crowd.

Some strategies and tactics to enhance public speaking skills are listed below:

  • Words, Voice and body language must be aligned in order to deliver a remarkable speech

In order to develop a profound connection with the people, the body language, voice and actions have to be in sync just like in a TED talk. TED is a world-renowned public speaking platform or conference where leading professionals and researchers discuss their talents and anecdotes of hardships and how they overcame them. These public speakers use this platform to inculcate confidence and motivation into their audience. The author urges the readers to understand, engage with their audience and develop an interpersonal relationship to make it a smooth sail just as in the case of TED speakers.

  • Try to add indelible and stunning information to retain the attention of people

One most important tactic that the author Carmine Gallo mentions in Talk like TED is adding memorable and stunning information to hold the attention of the audience. You must take an example from real life to understand this point. Think about one of the talks, interviews, or web series that seriously caught your attention. Did you indulge in any other thing or get distracted while watching or listening to it? We expect your answer to be no. This is because if a speaker taps into the interest and creativity of their audience, the audience or readers are compelled to listen to it.

People tend to eliminate all the distractions when they hear something interesting and useful. The reason being the dopamine present in our brain. The moment we learn something interesting, our brain tries to store that information for future use. Thus, resulting in increased production of dopamine.

  • Try to add dramatic and shocking element to your speech 

If you want your speech to be membered forever and have an impact on people in the long run, then try to add a dramatic or a shocking element to your otherwise simple speech. Adding spice and curves makes it interesting and becomes memorable.

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  • Try adding some elements of humour too

Believe it or not, humour is the best way possible to hold someone’s attention. It immediately hooks them up to what you are speaking. Share anecdotes that are positive and light in nature. These light anecdotes are sure to put a smile on their faces. This in turn improves the capacity to remember. The author urges the readers to consciously add the elements of comedy and drama to make their speech stand out.

  • Add relevant topics and make sure that the presentation does not exceed the time limit of 15-20 minutes

In order to be a more impactful communicator, a person must make it a point to not add more than three relevant and sensible topics. Bombarding the audience with multiple facts and aspects will divert their attention and will bore them eventually.  Shorten the analysis as much as you can so that it becomes fun and easy to remember. Also remember to keep an account of the time before preparing a presentation. The moment it exceeds the 15 minutes mark just stop adding information to it.

  • Try to stimulate all the senses of your audience

If you want to delve deep into the world of communication and how to build an impact on others with your words, then you can access the book summaries and audiobook summaries available on this topic. You can easily read them on various book summary apps. Nudging all the senses of the audience also helps in holding the attention which in turn will make you a good communicator. Expose them to all forms of information (video, reading material, images, and messages)

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