Life Lessons From A Brain Surgeon- Here’s everything that a Brain Surgeon has to say about a brain

The book Life Lessons from A Brain Surgeon is written by author and neurosurgeon Rahul Jandial. He has always been quite fascinated by the power of the human brain and it’s working. In this book, he offers his insight on the latest human brain theories and discards the theories that are outdated and irrelevant.

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Listed below are the scientific nuggets of information that the author derived from learning about the human brain-

Leveraging the human brain 

This is the very first point mentioned in the book where the author discusses the potential of the human brain and how to leverage its power to our advantage. He became fascinated by the working of the brain in an anatomy class and decided to learn about it. He explains various cognitive functions like memory, linguistics and creativity that keeps our brain active and healthy at all times.

Let’s get into the details of these functions. First let’s talk about training the brain to develop good memory. Over the years, scientists have observed that people’s ability to grasp a concept and learn something has increased manifolds. Can you guess the reason? It is due to the emergence of social media. Since there is so much information floating around, people are consuming it without even realizing because of which their memory has become comparatively better. This process is called the ‘Flynn effect.’

Next thing that helps us leverage our brain in order to derive its optimum potential is Bilingualism. Language is an important cognitive function and it is beneficial if you know many languages. Knowing more than one language ensures an increase in attention, ability to memorise different things at the same time without losing focus, and even prevention against becoming a victim of dementia.

Therefore, learning another language is not a choice anymore, it has become a necessity of life.

Enhanced Creativity

Artists are left brain dominant. Do you know why? Do you want to know how some people are highly creative? How can you also bring forth your creative side just by understanding basic things? The author Rahul Jandial in the book Life Lessons from A Brain Surgeon explains how a person’s creative ability works and how you can enhance it by following certain methods.

Some recent research shows that the cerebellum or little brain which is responsible for coordinating movement and balance plays a very important role in cognitive functions like language, attention and creativity. Now let’s learn how a person can enhance their creativity. Is it even possible? Yes, a person can increase creativity. Want to know in detail? Read Top book summaries available on various book summary websites.

An experiment was conducted where a person’s creativity was measured at different intervals of time. They measured creativity before and after sleep. Then they measured it before and after a 5–6-day long trip. And lastly, they measured it before and after a 30 minutes’ walk in the park. Can you do a quick guesswork about who must have performed better? Now we are going to tell you. In the first case, a person performed better after sleeping because sleep ensures better memory. In the second one, he performed better after a week-long trip and in the third one a person performed better after a walk for 30 minutes. All these after scenarios regulate the blood flow which in turn makes a person feel better because of which the creative juices start flowing.

Eating green vegetables and intermittent fasting ensures better working of brain

You must have heard it many times that you are what you eat. You must have noticed the day you do portion control and eat light and healthy; your brain also feels light and it works better. Eating right is imperative for proper working of the brain and will also be beneficial in the long run.

The author personally practices the MIND diet and intermittent fasting. MIND focuses on eating Vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, chicken, and fish. There must be no saturated fats, red meat, and sugars involved in your daily meals.  A recent research stated that the MIND diet helps in reducing the 50% risk of contracting Alzheimer’s disease.

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Lifestyle choices are to be taken in consideration if a person wants to prevent Dementia 

If you want to learn how lifestyle choices and various brain functions are related, then you can read Top book summaries available on the RollingSlate website.  For the healthy stimulation of the brain, a person’s lifestyle choices play an important part. Especially during the early formation years and even during the early 20s, lifestyle choices like the right amount of sleep, mindful breathing, proper nutrition, exercise helps in cognitive development which in turn prevents a person from falling victim to dementia.

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